Tailored Integrated Solutions for the Automotive Industry


We strive for strategic alliances and partnerships in the industry to create joint solutions.

Integrate with your existing system or use our stand alone solution.


Powered by partnership: We work with partners to add customer value to our partners products. 

We operate wihtin the automotive industry as well as within other inustries.

We also strive for participation in Joint Ventures.

Main Benefits


  • Proactive system for protection of vehicles, radio towers, fences, buildings or almost any object.

  • Makes it possible to activates proactive measures before threats reach the object.

  • Sole system capable of utilizing the entire object as a sensor.

  • The system automatically includes trailers as part of the sensor.
  • Reliable near field detection in all directions.

  • Ensures 100 % coverage with no blindspots.

  • The ability to measure distance effectively in all directions reduces false alarms, enhancing system reliability and user satisfaction.

  • The system is adaptable and can be retrofitted to any vehicle.

  • Normally no activated cameras means no permits required.

  • No visible sensors

  • Very low energy consumption.

  • If the object itself is unsuitable as a sensor you can attach a cable or other object and use it as a hidden sensor. 

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